How Consignment Works


Have you lost the love for that fabulous dress you bought last summer? Have you changed in size and have beautiful pieces that no longer fit? Are you someone who loves to change up your wardrobe constantly? Set aside those recent-or-classic style, high-quality items that are still in excellent condition to bring in for consignment. Be sure to donate or recycle (textile recycling is amazing!) items that are not suitable for consignment.

2) Consign those gently worn pieces that no longer serve you with Raylee!

What no longer is a great fit for you may be just what someone else is looking for - and vice versa! Consignment allows clothes to live many lives - actually increasing their utility value and reducing their impact on the environment. We love clothes! And we also care about doing what we can to practice sustainability every day.

When preparing your items for consignment, please make sure they are clean, free of stains, holes, rips, tears, animal hair, etc. (we steam all items, but are not in the business of doing everyone's laundry). Then either hang your items or fold them neatly into bags. We will not consider items in garbage bags or that are not easy to sort through.

We accept walk-in consignments Sunday through Thursday (not on Friday or Saturday) 11:30am-5:30pm - no appointment necessary with less than 10 items. If you have more than 10 items or specialty pieces, please reach out to schedule a consignment appointment so you are guaranteed our undivided attention.

3) Get paid!

When your consigned items sell at Raylee, we offer either store credit or a check/Venmo payment for your cut of the sales price. What better way to bump up that clothes shopping budget than to sell what you have and aren't wearing? Talk about circular economy! 

If you're ready to consign, please check out all of our resources here to make sure Raylee is a good fit for your clothes.

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