About Us


Rachael Hofmann, owner/stylist

Rachael has always loved clothes and shoes and bags and shoes and pretty things and shoes... It's how and who she is! Rachael opened Raylee in June 2021 after years of lamenting that there weren't any well-curated consignment stores in her neighborhood. Knowing that if it was going to be done right, she would need to do it herself, she launched the store with the consignments of her friends and a few of their friends and it took off from there! Today, Raylee has a thriving community with hundreds of consignors and new inventory coming in daily. And nearly every day, you can find Rachael at the shop, loving every second of it, giving her opinions, and making style suggestions.

Rachael is married and has teenage identical twin daughters who are taller than her (rude!), but still borrow her clothes on a daily basis. Prior to Raylee, Rachael was a nonprofit professional, a full-time mom, an artist, a private chef, an actress, and a server, but not in that order and not all at the same time. She is a graduate of Howard University (H!U! YOU KNOOOOW!) in Washington DC. And the name Raylee comes from her husband's nickname for her, using the first syllables of her first and middle names: Ra and Le. We just spelled it phonetically: Raylee with the emphasis on Ray.

Ellie Leikam, manager/stylist

Ellie begged her mom for a Betsey Johnson dress for her 8th grade graduation. And she got it. That's probably a fitting introduction to this absolute lover of clothes. With a Bachelor's degree in sustainability and a background in fashion retail, Ellie is passionate about high-end, sustainable fashion. Her favorite part of consignment shopping is the thrill of finding beautiful, unique pieces for a fraction of their original retail price while supporting a circular fashion economy.

Amelia McDowell, customer service

Amelia is one of those people who exudes love and light and thus beauty both inside and out. She has her own fabulous sense of style because she's always been drawn to finding alternative ways to look great, for her wallet's sake and because it's more fun!

With a BA in art education and social justice studies, Amelia worked for Spokane charter schools and next a Portland nonprofit. She found joy in helping plant trees with Friends of Trees. Two yoga teacher trainings, a birth and postpartum doula training, and 12 other jobs later, Amelia arrived at Raylee (first as a customer, then a consignor, then an employee!), and she found the community she was looking for. She adores the time spent getting to know customers and consignors, the stories behind their clothes and the hope of breathing new life into their and other's closets. 

Amelia's love of people and planet spreads beyond Raylee as she also works at Coral Story Beauty. By living a slower lifestyle and being more conscious consumers, Amelia believes we can be kind to the world while looking - and most importantly, FEELING - gorgeous!

DeAnna Negrete, intake

DeAnna is our behind-the-scenes savior who helps to make sure that everything is steamed, tagged, floor- and website-ready. Her eagle eye catches any little stains or imperfections that sometimes get missed when we initially accept pieces for consignment. Her organizational skills would make you cry with appreciation and she is an absolute joy to have around the shop - WHEN YOU CAN CATCH HER! She's like our very own fairy godmother, coming in before and after store hours, leaving racks of perfection for us to find the next time we're in.

Biggie Smalls, big poppa/shop dog

Biggie rules the store (and the hearts of everyone who meets him). He comes to work many days with Rachael and welcomes belly rubs and ear scratches. He loves people. He hates other dogs (Why? We don't know. He was a rescue and came this way. It's his only character flaw). He's a tiny dandy in a sweater with an enormous personality.