Consignment Shopping + Sustainability

EARTH DAY is coming up on Monday (April 22nd) and I thought I'd share some thoughts about consignment and sustainability with you and invite you to take part in the Raylee + Coral Story Beauty Earth Day Challenge (details below). It's so important to me and a big reason why Raylee exists! To kick it all off, here's a link to my segment on KGW's Hello! Rose City last week. SO FUN to be invited to talk about Raylee and sustainability and to have my sweet friend Laura Jansen with me!
And now, in honor of Earth Day, let's talk about some of the ways consignment shopping contributes to sustainability. It's a no-brainer to say that it reduces waste. By buying and selling previously-owned clothes, we're all keeping them out of landfills and lowering the demand for new items.
Manufacturing new clothes requires significant amounts of water, energy, and raw materials. Shopping consignment means that you're reusing items that are already made! BOOM - conservation of resources AND a lower carbon footprint because new items aren't being trucked all over the country.
Speaking of which, shopping consignment supports local economies. Hi! We're a small, woman-owned, local business! Shopping at Raylee helps to keep money within our community. Most of our consignors are local. As are the other businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs with whom we collaborate for special events, pop-ups, and even purchase wholesale items from (almost all are woman-owned, many are BIPOC-owned).
ALL of this promotes a Culture of Reuse (I think that deserves to be capitalized). As more people become involved in consignment shopping, it promotes a cultural shift toward reuse and recycling, which is essential for sustainable living.
In short, consignment is a powerful tool for sustainable consumption, offering a practical way to reduce environmental impact while also providing economic benefits at the community level. WIN-WIN!!!
Speaking of winning, if you're reading this, you're probably already a believer in consignment. So, for Earth Day, why not spread the word? We challenge you to tell three friends about Raylee + our bestie-owned green makeup/skincare/beauty store Coral Story Beauty via our Earth Day Challenge. Word of mouth is our best marketing because it is the most meaningful. Simply follow both stores on Instagram, and then find the post on that looks like the image below - tag three friends in the comments and you will automatically be entered to win!